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PASS Program

PASS Program

Are you ready to to find a better, more effective way to study without going insane or becoming burnt out?

The PASS Program is a budget-friendly way to learn the best study tips to prepare for nursing school, straight from a professional nursing tutor with 15+ years of experience…

…and it will fit into any nursing student’s busy schedule.

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HINT: There is NO magic review book, easy-to-understand content review, or clever mnemonic that will suddenly make nursing school “easy”

Your success in nursing school will depend completely on…
How. You. Study.

My name is Nicole Whitworth, RN, and it’s my mission to make nursing school easier so that you can achieve your dream of becoming a nurse, without stressing. Read on to find out how I plan to do that for you…

Do you ever wish somebody would just tell you “Do this… then this… then this…”
so you never had to worry about feeling like you're so behind and you can’t keep up?

(Have you ever asked your professor to tell you that, and been disappointed with her answer?)

Well, look no further, because that’s EXACTLY what I’m about to do…


No expensive NCLEX review class, review book, nursing professor, or even private nursing tutor (eek!) is going to make nursing school easy overnight.

And here’s why…

As a nursing student, you are pretty much figuring things out on your own…

Which is fine when things are going well, but what about when you're afraid that you might not pass?

Stuff like…

  • Reading the entire chapter, but feeling like it is so time consuming
  • Not having enough time to even finish all the reading!
  • Passing every class so far, only to be close to failing now
  • Narrowing down exam questions to 2 answers…then picking the wrong one
  • Doing great in clinicals, only to fail written exams
  • Care plans that take
  • Knowing that you will be devastated if you're held back
  • Starting to think that you will never be an RN...

How are you supposed to also learn study tips you don't already know?

Here’s the thing…

You went to nursing school in the first place because you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives…

But how are you supposed to DO that when your brain hurts from consuming so much information?

Or try sitting for Exit Exams (or NCLEX!) when you always second guess yourself!

How do you deal with that stuff unless someone you trust shows you the study tips and things to focus on that will help you pass your classes?

“Wow! This is wonderful and I really appreciate your thorough descriptions and tips – SO HELPFUL. More than I ever could have hoped for.

I was explaining some of your methods of preparing for lecture to my husband over dinner last night and he was amazed. He said, “Wow. This sounds like a really great course! I mean, I can completely see how that would work and be very effective, but I have never prepared for a class like that in my life. I would never have thought of that on my own.” I totally agree.

Everything you are teaching makes complete sense, but I have never studied this way before (and I have been a straight-A student all my life). I am so excited to try it.”

– Nicole, San Diego, CA

I hear from nursing students all the time who tell me how much they need my help, and all I want to do is help EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM reach their dream of becoming a nurse!

That’s why I created The PASS Program — to make sure I had something to offer to EVERY nursing student who comes my way, no matter what their financial situation looked like.

“Hi Nicole, first I want to start off by saying how awesome an idea you came up with for nursing students. I appreciate it so much because you really make things simplified and that’s what we need as student nurses, a good foundation to build upon for critical thinking. I’ve always been on top of my studying but my issue is definitely insecurity, which I’m working on because I need to be a confident nurse out there and have my patients trust me. Sometimes I tend to look for more resources than needed because I think that I need all the information out there which I know is not the case. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to help us nursing students.

– Felicia, San Antonio, TX

“I have actually been busy watching and applying what you teach to my studies the past day and a half or so and have found your methods to be very useful, especially those about test anxiety. I began to feel less overwhelmed and more focused almost immediately. I will DEFINITELY be recommending your program to friends and classmates!”

– Mandy, Isanti, MN

I’ll give you the EXACT SAME ADVICE that private tutoring students pay hundreds of dollars per month to hear…except you’ll get it for a FRACTION of that cost!

Headshot of Nicole Whitworth, BSN

Here’s What You Get:

Module 1: How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

Finally understand exactly what you need to do to become an expert Critical Thinker…and what that even means in nursing school. Plus, all the encouragement that you CAN reach your dream!!

Module 2: Enjoying Life OUTSIDE of Nursing School

Avoid getting burnt out with these easy-to-follow strategies that are essential for maintaining your sanity!!

Module 3: Where to Start with Studying

Make your study time a perfect fit for your learning style so that you overcome Test Anxiety once and for all and discover which subject is literally the most important thing you need to know.

Module 4: The Most Common Study Mistakes…and How To Fix Them

Accurately predict exam questions once you start correctly using the most common study methods in nursing school.

Module 5: The BEST Way to Study For Tests

Learn the absolute best study tip ever for learning nursing info so that you’ll never forget. Also tips to become a Study Group Superhero without wasting your time.

Module 6: Confidently Study Using this Simple 4-Step Study Method

A simple, step-by-step method that will significantly cut down on your study time. Plus, you’ll finally learn how to effectively use Concept Maps (most professors don’t even know this!!!)

Module 7: How to Write a Nursing Care Plan in 30-minutes (or less!)

Confidently (and quickly!) finish your Nursing Care Plans with this frustration-free method. PLUS, maximize your study time by using Care Plans to identify the most important nursing information you need to know!

Module 8: Putting It All Together

Watch a step-by-step example of what it looks and sounds like when you start to see the positive results of using ALL the best study tips to prepare for class!

*** BONUS *** NCLEX-Style Review Questions

“Dissect” NCLEX-Style Review Questions so you know the certain things to focus on that will help you pass your courses…and it’s more than just the correct answer!

Yes! I'm ready to PASS!


*Just a ONE-TIME fee if you JOIN NOW!*
*One-time fee, Lifetime access*

“So Wait… What Is This?”

This is NOT an NCLEX Review Course. It’s a complete resource for nursing students who want to know the best study tips to prepare and organize their studying for nursing school...WITHOUT having to hire an expensive private tutor.

Have you ever wished someone could tell you if you were on the “right track” with how and what you’re studying, or to offer encouragement that you WILL be an RN someday…but didn’t have the budget to hire a professional nursing tutor?

I know I have! 🙋‍♀️

When I started nursing school, one of the most intimidating things was that I couldn't find knowledgable, reliable study tips that worked. And the study strategies that had helped me to do pretty well in school before nursing, no longer seemed to work.

All I wanted was to find someone who had gone through the same nursing school struggles I was experiencing, and have them tell me “if you study this way, then you’ll learn what you need to know and you’ll do fine!”

There’s just nothing like hearing from someone who has had personal experience (and knows all the right study tips!) when it comes to succeeding in nursing school, right?

That’s why I knew I wanted to create something for you that isn't just another overwhelming content review that will make you cry, or an NCLEX strategy class containing detailed lists of things to memorize…but something that gives you REAL help, and empowers you to actually understand what you are learning.

You know, so that someday you can use that info to save somebody’s life!

I also wanted to make sure that this kind of support was accessible and affordable for a nursing student's budget – so that you don’t have to do what I did and make countless mistakes in nursing school before finally figuring out what works best.

Ok, So..what does using the PASS Program actually
L👀K like?

Here’s a little story of how it could look for you.

Imagine you are reading (and highlighting!) an entire chapter in your textbook, but you feel like it is sooo time consuming! You know that you won't have enough time to finish this chapter and go over multiple other chapters that will be on your next exam. 🙁 🙁 🙁

So you refer back to the PASS Program module 4:“How to Read a Textbook Without Falling Asleep”. You immediately remember the best study tips for knowing which parts of your textbook you can quickly skim, which parts you can skip, and which parts you should focus on highlighting so that you can study later.

And then when you have your exam later that week, you see a question where one of the answer choices is the same exact information that you just highlighted!

And you’re all like “YUP.” No need to second guess yourself today, because you feel confident knowing which answer is correct.

Imagine what it would be like to go from…

Your brain hurts from consuming so much information… knowing exactly what to focus on to help you pass your courses

Failing your exam by 1 point… confidently stop second-guessing yourself on exams

Trying to figure out which review course is "best"... having somebody tell you EXACTLY how to identify the most important review material for yourself

Feeling totally alone as a nursing student... feeling like another RN actually cares about what you’re doing and thinks you can be successful at it

Feeling like you’re so behind and can't keep up...

…….to having a clear study plan to follow that is WORKING to help you GRADUATE and get you ready for NCLEX!

Yes! I'm ready to PASS!


*Just a ONE-TIME fee if you JOIN NOW!*
*One-time fee, Lifetime access*

You explain things in such an easy way that I get it. I feel terrified but when you talk all that anxiety disappears. Nursing care plans are my biggest fear of getting it wrong but the way you explained it…well, let’s just say there were some light bulb moments. Thank you for allowing me to experience your calm and supportive style of teaching. I wish I could meet you in real life and give you a huge hug and say ‘thank you’ in person. So for now, a huge THANK YOU and keep being the amazing tutor you are…just wish I had you home here!”

– Leanne, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Can we talk for a sec about something sad, though?

ALL the TIME, I hear from nursing students who’ve bought SO MANY review books, spent SO MUCH on review classes or tutors, and still have practically NOTHING to show for it.

That’s why at Your Nursing Tutor, I think it’s about time somebody gave you what you ACTUALLY needed… instead of more of what you don’t.

Who is this for?👍

This is for nursing students who:

  • are starting to lose hope
  • want the best study tips to prepare for class
  • need an effective way to study without going insane or getting burnt out
  • feel like nursing school is a bit intimidating
  • are afraid you won't pass
  • will be devastated if you're held back
  • plan to start nursing school within a year
  • have already failed a class and need to do remediation
  • have passed nursing school, but failed exit exams or NCLEX

Who is this NOT for?👎

  • Non-Nursing majors
  • Lazy nursing students
  • People who want someone else to do the work for them
  • Comatose patients
  • Students who like doing things the hard way

All you other nursing students, though… this is for you.

Are you DONE with all the guesswork?

Are you ready to figure out the BEST nursing school study tips with somebody who’s been around the block long enough to know what’s an EFFECTIVE way to study…
…and what’s going to leave you feeling so behind that you can’t keep up?

Yes! I'm ready to PASS!


*Just a ONE-TIME fee if you JOIN NOW!*
*One-time fee, Lifetime access*

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